Cyanogenmod users

Devices running Cyanogen may experience issues when using Horizon:

  • Stretched video output
  • Audio artifacts
  • Crashes
  • Inability to stop recording

We are working on providing support for as many devices as possible.

If you can't stop recording, then the most common cause is that the Privacy Guard does not allow Horizon to use the microphone. So, please go to Privacy Guard and make sure that it grands Horizon access to the microphone.


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    No graba audio

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    Can't wait to test a valid application that will be able to finalize the recording process at the end of the 15 seconds process before buying it.

    For information, I'm on Galaxy SII with Cyanogenmod (latest nightly builds).

    Thanks by advance

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    Petros Douvantzis


    Make sure that CyanogenMod's Privacy Guard allows Horizon to use the microphone, or else video recording will be unsuccessful.

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    Hello, Thanks. Even with this trick, I still got the same problem...

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